Healthcare, Racism, and IT: How do they intersect?

Systemic racism in America impacts health and wellness in many different ways, from poverty rates to insurance access to quality of care received by healthcare institutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated alarming disparities in healthcare outcomes by race/ethnicity. 80% of deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. have been of Black individuals, while only 13.4% of … Continue reading Healthcare, Racism, and IT: How do they intersect?

What is Health Informatics?

In my own words, I would define informatics as "the study of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting information to facilitate processes." Informatics combines both computer science and information science to encompass a broad range of computational technology, as well as the collection, storage, and analysis of information. The focus area for my blog will be … Continue reading What is Health Informatics?

Does Emotional Support Improve Health Outcomes?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a chronic disease has experienced the unsettling cycle of emotions that accompany such often-shocking news. Fear. Anxiety. Denial. Depression. And in many cases, isolation. The feeling that no one can understand what you are going through. No matter how life-threatening or relatively low-impact a diagnosis may be on one's … Continue reading Does Emotional Support Improve Health Outcomes?