Hi! I’m Sara Hou, a Chicago-based writer, Product Manager, and M.S. Candidate in Health Informatics. I care about making healthcare more holistic, personalized, and accessible through innovation in technology and the overall U.S. healthcare system. For more information on my professional background, read my resume.

I decided to write this blog because I want to help fix the costly and inefficient system we have today; and while my job enables me to address healthcare providers’ challenges, technology follows policy – leaving many desired improvements outside my sphere of influence. So, I have set out to learn more about the problems facing individuals in our country when it comes to accessing and benefiting from healthcare services.

I will be writing about healthcare, technology, social justice, and politics. Through writing this blog, I hope to learn enough about the different aspects of healthcare and their problems to 1) create my own vision for a realistic U.S. healthcare model that can provide quality care for all humans and 2) discern tangible supports for vulnerable, oppressed communities that can be acted upon immediately and irrespective of politics.

Thanks for reading :)